Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Adjunct Site

Aside from this initial post, there will be no other commenting on the stories posted here, other than the Post Titles, although if, say a YouTube video makes perfect commentary, it may get posted as well

This site is to merely showcase the actual articles, in their entirety, that I comment on at the Royally Kranked blog

And while an article may be posted here, it may not be commented on at all, this is only a way to archive articles-linked to their published site-that will otherwise disappear behind pay-for-access firewalls after a certain amount of time

One helpful hint when that happens, take the article's title and do a search on it after the article's behind that firewall

And yes, the RK site has been finding lots to roar, whine, blather, bleat, gripe, rage, opine and laugh about


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